Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh i hv a blog

There is so many thing wanted to say. But everyone have no time and make excuses.

The year of 2012 is obviously my life biggest twist in my life, my life goal is gone, from career , from friendship, money, health, mindset, time, everything... And then i have to rise, since the twist i though is causes by money, so i go for other job opportunity to earn back what i lost, even though i don't want to give up my life goal and life dream. Im looking for some job that can work as earning part time extra income, or passive income.

And the i realize that none of the part time job can get passive income by not sacrifice my main job. Went alot of rejection by just getting a full time animator position, i doesn't have nice presentable animation job and rusty skill. Very lucky i went to hell studio to boost back my skill of animating but end up screw all my life and my part time job as well.

Luckly found some potential part time job that what im looking for. But still find out that it is most scariest job ever i meet before. Every similar job is looking for people too and tried to say that he is the best company ever. Yup all of you guys have a nice platform and leadership development, but the problem i now also freaking up to you guys, event to myself. i keep reflect myself, did i choose something wrongly as well?

And then i go think back what was the main issue i missed up when i decide to looking for new way to survive.

From pure servicing and good deed, nobody willing to pay.

Then go to material trading, nobody willing to pay too.

But everyone willing to pay their time to get paid by other because that is the way they can survive.

From my spiritual study and knowledge, suddenly realize that, the problem is come from every single human.

It is not because money, it is human mindset and perspective.

My dream company went bankrupt is because someone not willing to pay.

Even from latest big hero six, it purposely misconception that rich people is evil but it is not.

And then now im very clear what i really want(actually quite very long time, but really nobody to share the feeling and the vision). 


 I have a weird concept and perspective from child.

1. what if everyone do the same job and it wouldn't screw the world.( to serve each other)

2. Spending money so the economy can grow since money itself every year drop his value.( To serve)

the answer to 1. there is no perfect job that is alone to stand up, but all the job have the same purpose, which is serve to each other, and for those who serve the most will receive the most. 2. the concept is, everyone when they save their money in their home, then the economy is not growing and nothing happening, so that why bank came out, so everyone 'pay' the money to bank, and bank will serve you by giving back half of the inflation rate. So it is better invest to yourself or your surrounding people rather that put into bank and the rich people will very happy to take your money to invest themself and pull away the distance between both of your personal contribute value.

So end up lead to, everyone have to help each other, so that everyone can live.

Everything need to lead back to old time to make my dream much clearer. I like to study life and give life, but animation just 1 of the way only,

So my dream is not become animator, Im studying life, and giving people life, in real life.

Animator just be my job cause it wouldn't change people life because the storyboard is not written by me, and im writing a storybook by explaining what is life in spiritual perspective. And will keep doing coffee business because it teach me to be courage and to share my story to inspire people.


looking forward to help more people, the truth vision and give them the courage to start developed themself.

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  1. Wow.. U do have a blog.. Lol..

    Well,, everyone have their own goal n purposes. What i think is that u do whatever things that will make ur heart at peace. I believe it is one way to listen to the universe (or can say God) what is our purpose in the world for real ;) whether to serve, to listen, to give, etc. ^^